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Your questions answered

How is project positive change different from Hay House or Mind Valley?

PPC is not an ecommerce site, nor do we take a percentage of our members’ revenue. Our emphasis is on helping members of our community to grow their individual businesses by extending their reach, increasing their exposure and placing them in an optimal position to create their own positive change.

How will I ensure my information is displayed correctly on the PPC portal?

When you become a PPC member you will be given space within our portal based on the level of membership you sign up for. You’ll be in control, so you’ll get to upload your information to the portal and present it in a way that appeals to others.

How will my work be featured on the PPC portal?

When you become a PPC member you buy into a platform that will increase your exposure. You’ll have the opportunity to submit articles and features for our weekly newsletter, publicize your events and drive interest for your launches.

How will you grow your subscriber list and drive traffic to the PPC portal?

We are a community of like-hearted and talented change-makers from all four corners of the world, each with significant subscriber lists of our own, so we already know what it takes to grow organically. Beyond organic growth, we are committed to investing in target social media, SEO and other digital marketing solutions for the community.

How can I apply?

Simply click on the link corresponding to the membership level you’re interested in and complete the Membership Request Form. Your request will be reviewed within 24 hours; if your request is successful we will conduct an energy reading to ensure your energy is truly aligned to our community.

Can you guarantee PPC will make my business really take off?

We can’t categorically promise that PPC will grow your business or make your famous – only you have control over that. What we can promise is access to an outstanding curriculum of technical training to help you up your game online, as well as increasing the exposure your business gets online faster than if you continue to try and grow alone.

Can I cancel my membership if I decide PPC isn't for me?

Yes, anyone can cancel at anytime. Once you cancel your membership your profile will be concealed and all features associated with your membership level will be revoked.

Is PPC for-profit, or not-for-profit?

PPC is a for-profit business, but just as we’re passionate about supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs, we’re just as passionate about elevating the profile of charities whose important work might not be as prominent in the mainstream consciousness. Each week PPC will create exposure for a different charity as our way of giving back.

I have a product-based business - is PPC right for me?

Absolutely! Whilst we anticipate the majority of our members will be part of service-led businesses, we are keen to provide a platform for product-based businesses whose ethos for positive change is closely aligned with our own.

I read about the monthly training curicullum - is this really included in my membership or are there some hidden costs I've missed?

Yes, as a founding Visionary you will have access to an exclusive free monthly training hosted by a guest mentor. We don’t want you to waste time trying to figure out the ins and outs of the online game or precious energy working out who is best to learn from. Our carefully curated monthly training curriculum will ensure you’re constantly developing your sales and marketing skills so you can really shine online.

If you have any further questions about Project Positive Change, please get in touch.