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Exclusive Member Benefits

Join this global community of revolutionaries and start changing the world today.

When you join Project Positive Change (PPC) you’ll get awesome features and benefits. As a member you’ll enter an arena full of passionate Change Makers. It’s a (virtual) place where you can come as you are and access training and support. Best of all, you’ll be featured on the PPC platform, a global community full of Change Seekers looking for someone to help expand their possibilities. It’s a place where you can be comfortable knowing you don’t have to be all alone while answering your calling to change the world.

You’ll also gain access to experts who are ready and willing to support you as you fulfill your dream of creating worldwide change.

Imagine an online portal full of visionaries like yourself where your uniquely packaged set of gifts and talents can be celebrated and featured for Change Seekers all over the world.

Unlike traditional online marketing platforms, PPC was designed with you in mind. We know you’ve tried what feels like everything under the sun to connect with an audience and get your message out there. It just hasn’t happened for you, yet. So we’ve created an online portal full of unique solutions made just for people like you. People with heart who are ready to take action and make the world a better place today.

Exclusive Monthly Training

Most of our members are active in networking groups and courses where we hear many of the same requests over and over again. Our peers want to grow!

To grow you need:

• to get a handle on technology
• to understand online marketing
• to be able to reach an audience.

We know there are huge learning curves and skill gaps we all must overcome to shine online. You’ve turned to google looking for solutions, you’ve watched webinars that offered some – but not all – of the answers, and now you’re ready to take it up a notch. Each month you’ll have exclusive access to a live training conducted by a guest mentor for PPC.

Private Resource Area

You’ve got questions; you need a place full of answers
As a multi-passionate entrepreneur you probably wear a lot of hats and have loads of responsibilities. This means you might not have the resources to tap into a professional every time you need one. As a member you’ll have private access to:

1:1 help from experts


Recorded webinars.

You’ll Also Enjoy a Library Full of Expert Resources – We have a virtually unlimited potential pool of experts to provide you with guidance on a variety of topics, including:

• website development
• public speaking
• writing copy or book proposals
• how to do webinars
• “evergreen” and passive income tactics
• and much, much more!

According to Inc. magazine, analytics, social media, and technical skills are amongst many of the things you need to master in order to grow in your online business. We want you to succeed, so we’ve gathered all the resources for you in one place!


Live PPC Community Events

Doing business online can be lonely.
We all want to create connections and tap into a community of like-minded people. Many successful online entrepreneurs credit their exponential business growth to joining masterminds, attending offline events, and cultivating real relationships. The feedback, support, and advice you’ll receive for your business is invaluable.

You’ll definitely benefit from the amazing experiences we’ll organize each quarter. As a member you’ll get exclusive discounts so you can attend your choice of live events, retreats, seminars, and workshops.

Online Radio Station and Podcasts

Releasing a new program, book, or workshop?
Looking for more exposure and access to an audience? Curious about how some of the top marketers make up to 6-figures each month using podcasting?

PPC is passionate about educating our Change Makers and providing you with a Platform to share your voice.

Some of the most successful online entrepreneurs use podcasting and radio show hosting as a way to grow an audience, build authority, and create trust with their ideal customers. If you’re thinking strategically, you may already know that podcasters and show hosts can find sponsors, make an income with affiliate sales, or promote their own courses and programs.

As a member of PPC you’ll get private access to exclusive training to learn how to develop your on-air personality and craft your messaging so you can be featured on PPC’s radio stations and podcasts. You’ll also have the opportunity to audition to become a host on PPC Radio!

Speaker's Bureau

Unique opportunities to inspire, educate, and entertain engaged worldwide audiences.
You have a burning desire to hit the stage and share your motivational and inspirational messages with Change Seekers everywhere.

How will we help you? You’ll gain access to speech coaches, speech classes and speaking clubs to help you hone your craft! Our goal is to guide you as you perfect your message and develop as a speaker.

As a Change Maker you might have already heard that speaking is one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert, find new and engaged audiences, and generate a consistent stream of clients. Speaking can allow you to share your expertise, market your book, or find new students to participate in your courses and coaching programs.

We know that professional speaking is a unique way to earn a lucrative income. The best speakers in the transformational change industry can command between $10k and $30k per speech!

When you join as a member you’ll get private access to a pool of invaluable resources at the ground level. We intend to become the world’s number one resource for qualified speakers in the transformational change industry.

Like what you see so far? Read more about Project Positive Change and your chance to be a part of it.

Project Positive Change University

Have you packaged your brilliance into a course or program?
Need a platform where you can engage students and clients hungry to learn?
Did you know the online course industry generated $56.2 billion dollars in 2014 (and is expected to double that in 2015)? Don’t you want a piece of that pie?

PPC University will be the premier transformational change platform where you can advertise and market your courses and programs to eager Change Seekers the world over! Online courses are a unique way to earn passive income using a one-to-many business model. As a Change Maker on the PPC platform you can join the ranks of the many online entrepreneurs who are making a generous living by offering courses and programs online!

International and Regional Options

What if your dreams are more local, not global? We understand that not everything is one-size-fits all!

PPC is quickly becoming a global movement! We have a worldwide presence in the Americas and Europe with plans to expand to Africa and Australia. You’ll be able to link up to your local PPC connections to create more intimate experiences with Change Makers and Change Seekers in your region.

Publishing Division (2016)

Writing and publishing allows you to spread your unique message far and wide.

If you’ve ever had a vision of communicating your unique gifts to a large audience through writing, music, and audio books, you might be a bit stumped by all the moving pieces! It doesn’t have to be that way! As a Change Maker you’ll be able to tap into professional resources to help you along the way. We’ll have workshops and services for:

• Finding your unique voice
• Understanding your target audience
• Creating your individual communication style,
• Developing professional media and training materials,
• Editing, designing, producing, marketing, selling, and more!

PPC Board Member, Anella Wetter, is our resident publishing expert. She brings almost two decades of experience working in the publishing industry. Anella began her professional career nearly thirty years ago as a writing teacher. She is passionate about sharing her experience to help you achieve your publishing aspirations.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to go for it alone?