Board Member

Michelle Lowbridge

Michelle Lowbridge Has a degree in Print Journalism from the University of Westminster. She worked for the UK’s national television station as a news and celebrity editor before branching into events management. In 2005 Michelle had her first child and decided to become a full-time entrepreneur by launching Within three years Michelle’s company was leading the industry as the number one white noise machine importer/retailer in the UK. The White Noise Machine Company provides Michelle and her family with a steady passive income, allowing her the freedom to enjoy other passions that give her personal fulfillment. In 2009, Michelle became interested in health and healing and decided to go back to school to study Kinesiology, and became a registered practiotioner with the Kinesiology Federation.

After spending thousands of hours helping people harness the power of energy, Michelle created a name and following for herself. She’s now known as the “The Energy Editor™.” Michelle uses the power of kinesiology to release energy blocks and teach people how to bust through fear and attract wealth without limits. Michelle re-wrote her own story last year when she let go of stress, closed down her brick-and-mortar kinesiology practice, and created a sustainable and highly profitable online energy business. Michelle is building a movement to help people release fear, edit their own energy, and empower themselves with her ‘Be Your Own Energy Editor course.