Board Member

Sean Patrick

Sean Patrick believes in the practical application of love. He is known as “That Guy Who Loves The Universe,” because quite frankly he’s involved in a very public love affair! He is a spiritual teacher, journalist, and broadcaster. Sean is a graduate from Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and through his career as a community theatre director Sean became known for creating captivating and inspiring theatre about emotional health and happiness. In 2010 his work was featured at the Hong Kong Speech Festival.

Sean is also an Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) Certified Life Coach and has trained in California with Lisa Nichols and her company Motivating The Masses. Sean’s key principle in life is that our spirituality is interconnected with every aspect of our life. Sean teaches that we don’t have to choose between our spiritual side and our human side. He boils ‘new-agey’ principles right down to their essence to make them practical and applicable. His practical advice is featured on prestigious sites like and